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The Well-Being for Life platform helps you achieve your health goals - while earning rewards - with a fun and engaging experience that delivers powerful resources right to your fingertips. 

Download Submit your annual physical exam in the Well-Being for Life Platform [PDF, 302k]

Who Can Participate

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are invited to join. 

How to Join

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We're here to assist you with navigating the Well-Being for Life platform!

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​​​​​​To get the most out of your mobile experience, go to your phone's settings and turn on notifications for your Virgin Pulse app. You'll get encouraging reminders and learn about upcoming opportunities like team challenges and more. 

Getting Started 

Now that you have joined you can begin by completing your profile and telling us a little bit about yourself. You may select your preferred language when registering. Then start building healthier habits one day at a time. Here are a few options to help you get started. 

Personalize your experience 

Go to the More tab and discover the many ways you can customize the Well-Being for Life platform to meet your goals. Connect your activity tracker or another well-being app and set your topics of interest to make your experience focus in on what matters to you most.  

Complete the Health Check 

The Health Check asks questions about your current health status and well-being habits. Once completed, you’ll see your health score, learn about possible health risks and get practical tips to help you maintain and improve your well-being. You’ll find the survey under the Health tab.  

Track your Healthy Habits 

Healthy Habits offer you bite-sized ways to build a healthy routine and improve your well-being. Over time, these small steps add up to  big changes that’ll make you successful. Your Healthy Habits will be customized based on your Health Check results and the interests you set in your profile. Go to Healthy Habits to change up the habits you try over time. 


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Choose your healthy activities and watch your rewards add up. The more you do, the more you'll earn.

Ways to Earn

  1. Complete your annual physical for a $140 credit to your 2024 medical premium.
  2. Participate in additional healthy activities throughout the year to earn points and watch your Pulse Cash add up.
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Total rewards per quarter
Points 2,000 6,000 12,000 18,000  
Pulse Cash


$15 $18 $20


Pulse Cash annual max: $65 x 4 quarters = $260

Rewards are considered taxable income.

Upgrade Your Well-Being Experience

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Great news! You have access to a variety of wonderful Virgin Pulse partners whose programs make it fun and easy to upgrade your well-being experience. Dive deeper into healthy activities and focus areas that interest you the most with access to our wonderful Virgin Pulse partners: 


Need help managing your money? Start your financial wellness journey with Enrich today. You’ll receive customized financial education to improve the financial skills most important to you. Focus areas include student loans, retirement, healthcare and personal finance. 


Foodsmart makes healthy eating easy with its powerful mobile app, plus grocery discounts, meal kits and more. Identify how to clean up your diet by taking NutriQuiz. Foodsmart makes healthy food the most tasty, convenient and affordable option for every meal of the day. 

Koa Health 

Your mental well-being matters, and taking care of it is more important than ever. Created to  support mental wellbeing, the Foundations app from Koa Health includes a library of content grounded in science to help you deal with stress, poor sleep, anxious thoughts and more. 


Wellbeats offers 30+ channels and hundreds of virtual fitness classes with something for every age, stage and ability. User-friendly filters make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.  Access Tutorial, basic and a variety of other  classes, 1–60 minutes in length. Wellbeats also includes content for mental well-being and healthy eating.

Additional Activities 


Prioritize and personalize your experience by engaging in resources to help improve your wellbeing:  

Daily Cards: Get helpful tips that are relevant to your current interests and goals. 

Journeys: Try this digital coaching program to make simple changes to improve your health, one step at a time. 

Social groups: Getting healthier and learning something new is easier with friends. Join a group (or start your own) to stay motivated, chat with others and  achieve goals together. 

Challenges: Team up with others to create new habits with some healthy competition. 

Nutrition Guide: Choose your eating type and tell us what you’d like to work on, like cutting out sweets or portion control. Then get tips to help you achieve your goals. 

Sleep Guide: What’s your sleep like? Decide what you need to work on, like getting to bed earlier or quieting down. Then get information to help you rest. 

Shoutouts: Support a colleague or friend with a  message of thanks or appreciation using the Shoutout feature found under the Social tab.  

Have questions? Virgin Pulse can help.

FAQs about the Well-Being for Life platform

Not sure if you can fully participate in this program because of a disability or medical condition? 

Visit support.virginpulse.com and search Medical Exceptions.

Virgin Pulse shares anonymized and aggregated data with the University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame will not be able to use such anonymized or aggregated data to directly identify you. The University of Notre Dame may use the anonymized information at its discretion, including to evaluate the overall program, as well as to provide additional benefits, programs and services. Virgin Pulse complies with all protocols to protect PHI and/or PII in compliance with HIPAA. Notice Regarding Wellness Program 2023