Employee Issue Resolution

Report Concerns Anonymously (Integrity Line)

Call this anonymous, toll-free phone number to discuss your concerns about questionable or unethical behavior.

Report Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment

The University of Notre Dame prohibits sexual and discriminatory harassment by all faculty, students, and staff or by any other person associated with Notre Dame. To report sexual and discriminatory harassment, to learn more, or to receive guidance on handling sexual and discriminatory harassment reports, please refer to the Office of Institutional Equity’s website. This website contains frequently asked questions and information on the contact persons and ombudspersons designed to discuss issues with concerned individuals, as well as relevant training.

Appeal Corrective Action

It is important to the University that as an employee, you are treated fairly and receive the appropriate level of performance coaching. For this reason, our corrective action policies for non-exempt and exempt staff provide a formal appeal procedure to promote prompt and responsible resolutions for appeals. You can use this appeals process freely and without fear of retaliation. The Office of Human Resources is available to assist you throughout the procedure.

Get Help with a Workplace Issue

The University of Notre Dame is committed to assisting staff and faculty members with issues in the workplace. Policies and procedures have been designed to assist in addressing conflicts and issues in their earliest stages. Any questions regarding workplace issues resolution can be directed to the Office of Human Resources.