Compensation Philosophy

The University strives to provide base compensation for exempt and non-exempt staff that is (a) externally competitive with the relevant market and (b) internally aligned with market reference ranges of individuals who have similar responsibilities, demonstrated competencies and experience. The University will utilize variable compensation (incentive plans and recognition awards) as appropriate to further support the University’s strategic framework while providing resources to invest in our faculty and staff while considering the competitive market for positions.

The University of Notre Dame does not discriminate in making pay decisions based on race, color, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability or veteran status. Notre Dame is an at-will employer. The University or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time or for any cause.

Market Reference Range Tool

To view the Market Reference Range of a position at the University, choose a family and subsequent sub-family associated with the work that most closely matches what would be required of an individual in a specific position. This tool will show the ranges available for existing positions at the University. 

While the information shown represents the minimum and maximum salary an individual would be allowed to make in that specific family and sub-family based on the exempt status and level of the position, the minimum starting rate for full time and part time positions is $17.50 per hour.