Child/Elder Care Leave Days

Published: August 07, 2020

To support an environment where staff can care for children or elder family members in their households, the University created 10 temporary Child/Elder Care Leave Days for staff with children or elder care issues to use if they cannot work remotely.

From August 10 through December 2020, full-time staff will have access to up to 10 Child/Elder Care Leave Days. These can be used if an eligible staff member is unable to work remotely due to the responsibilities required to care for a child or elder family member in their household. The Child/Elder Care Leave Days are separate from COVID-19 Leave Days, which are to be used when a staff member needs to isolate or quarantine and is not able to work remotely.

Staff members will be asked to work with their managers in scheduling the days they need. Every effort will be made to meet the request based on operational needs.

Once approved, non-exempt staff who are required to come to campus should enter their time in Ultra Time using the ECH (Emergency Childcare) code.

Exempt staff members who are required to come to campus should record the time on this electronic form: