Benefits while traveling abroad (one semester or longer)

Cigna Global Health Plan

If you will be residing outside of the United States and on University business for a semester or longer, you will be eligible to enroll in the Cigna Global Health Plan for the length of your assignment.

The Cigna Global Health Plan is a comprehensive insurance plan providing medical, prescription, dental, vision, evacuation and repatriation coverage for you and your dependents. Your Cigna plan allows you and your dependents to visit any healthcare provider or facility worldwide for covered healthcare services with no out-of-pocket expenses to receive services. The plan provides coverage for eligible expenses:

  • Services outside of the U.S., as well as both in-network and out-of-network services within the U.S.
  • Outside of U.S. – No fees for services (no copay or deductibles).
  • In-network U.S. services – calendar year deductible: $400 individual and $800 family; calendar year out-of-pocket maximum: $1,950 individual and $4,600 family.
  • Out-of-network U.S. services – calendar year deductible: $800 individual and $1,600 family; calendar year out-of-pocket maximum: $3,900 individual and $7,800 family.

Coverage will be effective the 1st of the month of your departure date. Coverage will end at the end of the month you return to the United States. For example, if your departure date is August 16th, your effective date of coverage would be August 1st. Similarly, if your return date is June 5th, your Cigna plan benefits remain effective until June 30th. Enrolled faculty and staff will continue to pay premium through payroll deduction.

For a summary of coverage details for services outside of U.S. and services in-network and out-of-network inside the U.S., please review the Cigna Global Health Plan summary chart. This Summary does not replace the legal plan documents or contracts for the benefit plan and should not, in any way, be considered a contract.

The following coverages (as applicable to you) will continue while you are abroad: flexible spending, life insurance, long term disability, long term care, travel/accident, employee assistance program and health advocate. Eligible claims for flexible spending should be submitted to Anthem Flexible Spending. Please note, a direct deposit form for flex reimbursements will be required for reimbursement.

Enrollment – 90 days prior to departure

Important: You must notify the Office of Human Resources at least 90 days prior to your departure. Once your eligibility is verified, you will receive online enrollment instructions via email.

Enrolled faculty and staff will continue to pay premiums through payroll deductions

Re-enrollment in a University plan – within 31 days of return

Upon return to the United States, you and your dependents may re-enroll in a regular University plan. It will be your responsibility to inform the Office of Human Resources within 31 days of your return.

Cigna Claims Processing:

Any claims incurred for medical, prescription, dental, or vision while living abroad should be submitted directly to Cigna Global for processing through CignaEnvoy. Other CignaEnvoy available services to you include:

  • Provides 24/7/365 customer service
  • Pre-Assignment Assistance/Condition Management
  • Print and order ID cards
  • Locate a provider or facility anywhere in the world
  • Online claim submission
  • Claim status
  • View explanation of benefits (includes “opt-out” to go green)
  • Access health and wellness tools
  • Update personal information and communication preferences
  • Review eligibility
  • Send and receive secure email

Additional Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access Cigna’s pre-assignment assistance?
See Cigna’s Pre-Assignment Assistance (PDF) publication for details.

Why do I need to think about my prescription medication before I leave?
You may find that other countries have specific laws regarding bringing certain medications into the country or other restrictions affecting your ability to receive the medications you need. See Cigna’s Pharmacy Management FAQ (PDF) for more details.

How do I read my Cigna explanation of benefits?
See Cigna’s Understanding Your Explanation of Benefits (PDF) publication for details.

What if I need to continue to receive care for my condition in the U.S.?
See Cigna’s Transition of Care and Continuity of Care (PDF) publication for details.