Struggling with long-term effects of COVID-19? There's help.

Author: NDWorks

Covid 19 Benefit

If you are experiencing some long-term health challenges associated with COVID-19, you are not alone. The Office of Human Resources and Premise Health, which operates the Notre Dame Wellness Center, recommend a free peer support group that meets virtually once a week and is professionally facilitated by the Center for Chronic Illness (CCI), a nonprofit offering emotional and educational support for those living with ongoing health challenges. According to the center's website, the organization's programs are designed to bring people together who live with ongoing health challenges in order to decrease isolation and the emotional impact of chronic illness on patients and their loved ones.

The COVID-19 Long-hauler Support Group meets at 7 p.m. Eastern for one hour on the fourth Tuesday of every month. To sign up, visit You may also contact the Center for Chronic Illness at (425) 296-2705 or at (Note: The organization is based in Seattle so CCI may communicate meeting times in Pacific time.)

Originally published by NDWorks at on August 24, 2021.