Mallory Jagodzinski uses Calm App for Moreau classes

Author: Emily Knouse

Calm App

The University of Notre Dame offers many benefits to help the emotional well-being of its faculty and staff. One of those benefits is free access to a premium subscription to the Calm App. The Calm app provides tools to help you relax, focus, and rest, offering guided sessions on sleep, meditation, and relaxation. 

Mallory Jagodzinski, an Assistant Advising Professor at the Center for University Advising, shared her experience with the Calm App: 

I really appreciated having the Calm App this past year. I used it in my Moreau class to start each of our class meetings. I also used it to help with my personal stress levels as this year was very challenging and demanding. I frequently used the app to help me get to sleep and to have a calm start to my work mornings.

These are just some of the many ways you can use the Calm App to benefit yourself and others. The Calm App also provides many health benefits. You can read about some of them here.

Get the Premium Version of the App!

If you are interested in getting a premium version of the Calm App through Notre Dame, please follow these instructions.