Kathryn Vidrine learns meditation thanks to the Learn to Meditate program in the Calm App

Author: Emily Knouse

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The University of Notre Dame offers many benefits to help the emotional well-being of its faculty and staff. One of those benefits is free access to a premium subscription to the Calm App. The Calm app provides tools to help you relax, focus, and rest, offering guided sessions on sleep, meditation, and relaxation. 

Kathryn Vidrine, a Graduate Career Consultant, shared her experience with the Learn to Meditate program: 

The "How to Meditate" 30 sessions was great, and I only could have accessed it with the premium subscription you provided!

The How to Meditate program is one of many great meditation programs the Calm App offers and is a simple 30-day program for everyone. With humor and a no-nonsense approach to mindfulness, Jeff Warren guides you through the tools you need to make meditation a habit.

If you are interested in getting a premium version of the Calm App through Notre Dame, please follow these instructions.