Invest in your well-being using the new HR website

Author: Anna McKeever, Human Resources

Well Being And Culture

As an employer, the University of Notre Dame offers resources and opportunities that address the holistic well-being of faculty and staff. These can be found on the Well-Being and Culture section of the new Human Resources website.

Resources to help with personal well-being

Wellbeing For Life

Notre Dame offers resources and opportunities to help faculty and staff achieve an optimal state of well-being on any level emotional, financial, physical, social and spiritual. On the Well-Being and Culture section of the website, employees can scroll down the page to find an interactive Well-Being for Life wheel. By simply clicking on a type of well-being, users can find information on how Notre Dame offers support.

Diversity and inclusion efforts help Notre Dame live its mission

The University promotes a spirit of diversity and inclusion through academic inquiry and offers programs and opportunities that reflect Notre Dame’s foundational belief in the dignity of all people. The Diversity and Inclusion page offers information about Employee Resource Groups, Diversity Discussions, workshops, speakers and other initiatives that contribute to Notre Dame’s culture to provide an environment where every individual can thrive. 

Awards and recognition programs promote a positive culture

Notre Dame fosters a work and campus culture of appreciation and celebration. On the Awards and Recognition page are descriptions of the Presidential Awards, the Presidential Team Irish Awards and the Service Award programs, which celebrate employees who have accomplished outstanding achievements that embody Notre Dame’s values. 

Resolve employee concerns

Notre Dame’s culture values the dignity of every member of the campus community, so people must feel empowered to report concerns and seek resolution. People can report problems anonymously using the University’s Integrity Line, working with the Office of Institutional Equity and/or learning more about University policies and procedures to help with workplace concerns. Learn more on the Employee Issue Resolution page.

Notre Dame cultivates a culture of well-being so the University’s mission can continue to do good in the world well into the future. Resources and opportunities offered through HR are intended to strengthen Notre Dame’s culture and community. 

Explore the Well-Being and Culture pages.

Originally published by Anna McKeever, Human Resources at on July 27, 2021.