Hybrid Work Pilot Program

Author: Office of Human Resources

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Hybrid Work Pilot Program

The Hybrid Pilot Program is a one-year pilot where staff deemed eligible by their division will have an opportunity to work remotely for up to 16 hours each week over two days.

While the Notre Dame community learned a lot about remote work during a pandemic, we still have much to understand about remote work when being back on campus is the norm. There will not be a one size fits all approach among eligible teams and roles. Each division will participate in the pilot program as it suits their needs to serve campus, with some opting for two days per week while others may decide more frequent in-person staffing is necessary.

We will provide educational resources and manager and employee support to help participants throughout the duration of the Hybrid Work Pilot Program. We are committed to learning as much as we can about how hybrid work can serve the University’s mission and the employee experience. We believe this pilot program gives us the best chance to do that, and we look forward to learning together.

How the Hybrid Work Pilot Program Selection Process Will Work

During the month of June, division leadership will determine what teams and which staff roles are eligible and not eligible for the pilot program. They will look at a variety of factors when determining eligibility, including but not limited to which constituencies are served, how independent or collaborative a role needs to be, seasonality, and the necessity of an on-campus presence to complete work functions.

If an employee is eligible, they will be notified by their manager. Eligible employees who are interested in participating will be asked to complete a Hybrid Work Pilot Agreement with their manager to clarify expectations and ensure success for both the division and the employee. The Hybrid Work Pilot Agreement will be sent as a personalized email to staff deemed eligible by their division. The agreement must be completed, signed by the employee and the manager, and submitted by Friday, July 30.

Hybrid Work Pilot Program Timeline

  • June 2021: Divisional leadership determines what teams and which staff roles are eligible for the pilot program.
  • July 2021: Managers notify eligible employees and discuss the Hybrid Work Pilot Agreement.
  • Friday, July 30: Deadline for manager and employee to submit Hybrid Work Pilot Agreement.
  • Fall 2021: Hybrid Pilot check-in between manager and employee
  • Spring 2022: Hybrid Pilot check-in between manager and employee
  • May 2022: Cross-functional team gathers feedback and provides a final recommendation on the future of hybrid work at Notre Dame.

Questions or Concerns

Your managers are available to discuss any questions you might have about this pilot program. You may also reach out to the askHR customer service center at askhr@nd.edu or 631-5900 with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main expectations of employees who participate in this pilot?
    • Employees are expected to successfully execute their work responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.
    • While working remotely, employees will consistently utilize a professional and productive setting (equipment, internet speed, disruptions, etc).
    • While working remotely, employees will report to campus if requested by their manager, for meetings and/or other occasions.
    • To help ensure this pilot provides accurate knowledge to University leadership, employees will be expected to complete a few pulse surveys throughout FY22.
    • Employee and manager will be asked to have check-in conversations at least four times throughout the year:
      • Start
      • 1-month Check-In
      • 3-month Review (self-evaluation/supervisor feedback)
      • Year-End Check-in
  • How do I participate in the Hybrid Work Pilot Program? If you are eligible to participate, your manager will discuss expectations by mid-July. Participants and their managers will need to complete and submit the Hybrid Work Pilot Agreement by July 30, 2021.
  • What support exists to help guide managers through this process?
    • The Hybrid Work Pilot Program Manager Guidelines will help when considering eligibility.
    • This webpage will be updated regularly.
    • Speak with your Human Resources Consultant.
    • HR will provide educational opportunities throughout the year for employees and managers. Reviewing shared materials and participating in programming is strongly encouraged in an effort for all to learn and adjust. Examples of educational outreach:
      • Articles
      • Small group discussion sessions
      • Shared best practices.
  • Can managers/supervisors still allow employees, including those not participating in the Hybrid Work Pilot Program, to work from home to accommodate a need on a rare occasion? Yes. There may be instances where a manager/supervisor can accommodate an occasional request to work briefly from home due to personal needs without requiring the formality of the Hybrid Work Pilot Program. These should be rare and the exception and managers/supervisors should still take into consideration how it would affect work performance, teammates and colleagues when considering requests.
  • If I had an approved remote work arrangement PRIOR to the pandemic, can I continue with that plan? Yes, but this should still be confirmed via a discussion with your manager.

Originally published by Office of Human Resources at hr.nd.edu on June 11, 2021.