Employee Appreciation Award

Author: Office of Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are faculty and staff receiving this appreciation award?

This one-time payment is to recognize the effort and dedication of Notre Dame faculty and staff whose employment started prior to March 1, 2022.

Who is eligible for the appreciation award?

Regular full and part-time faculty and staff who remain active through March 31, 2022, are eligible for the appreciation award. 

Faculty and staff who started their regular position on or after March 1, 2022, are not eligible.

How much will the appreciation award be?

The appreciation award for eligible faculty and staff will be as follows:

  • Full-time regular faculty and staff employed before July 1, 2021- $2,500
  • Part-time regular faculty and staff employed before July 1, 2021 - $ 1,250
  • Full and part-time regular faculty and staff whose employment started July 1, 2021, through February 28, 2022 - $500

When will eligible faculty and staff receive the appreciation award?

Eligible faculty and staff will receive the appreciation award on April 8, 2022, via direct deposit.

Is this appreciation award taxable?

Yes. Award payments are subject to payroll and income taxes required by law.

Will I receive a university contribution toward my retirement plan?

No, awards are not considered eligible compensation for university contributions to the 403(b) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.

Will my voluntary retirement contributions be deducted from this award check?


*If you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources via email or phone at  askHR@nd.edu or 574 631-5900.