Summus Master Class: Know Your Flow


Location: Virtual

Speaker: Anna Barbieri, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Founding Physician, Elektra Health

Talking Points: Period literacy, how your period influences your life, the what and why behind cyclical hormones

Biography: Dr. Barbieri completed her residency in OBGYN at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, where she is now an Assistant Clinical Professor and a member of the Mount Sinai Center of Excellence for menopause and integrative gynecology. Dr. Barbieri is also the founding physician of Elektra Health, a digital menopause education company. Her passion is truly personalized, patient-centered care of women. From preventive care to complex gynecologic issues, Dr. Barbieri partners with her patients to help them maintain or restore optimal gynecologic health. Dr. Barbieri also has special expertise in helping navigate menopause, where she focuses on each patient by customizing nutrition, lifestyle, and use of hormonal (including bioidentical) or nonhormonal treatments when appropriate.

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