Signature Programs

The University of Notre Dame offers all staff and faculty a variety of professional development opportunities in single or multi-day formats. Most of our programs are instructor-led, but we also offer webinars and other online learning offerings. Our goal is to help you learn and practice new skills, problem-solve, build your network, and ultimately, build your career at the University of Notre Dame. Learn more about our:

  • Required Programs
  • Learning Series
  • John Affleck-Graves Excellence in Leadership Programs
  • Learning at Work Academy
  • Online Learning

Required Programs

At the University of Notre Dame we take great pride and responsibility in making sure all of our contributors are shaped by programs that are key to creating a culture in which we can all thrive. The following programs are required for both individual contributors and supervisors and managers.

All Staff & Faculty

  • Creating a Community of Respect: Our University is committed to promoting a work environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful for all. All employees are asked to complete this online training program within 30 days.

Individual Contributors

  • We Are All ND: Unite behind a common goal as we work to cultivate a spirit of inclusion at Notre Dame.

  • Better Conversations Every Day (Coaching for Non-Supervisors/Managers): This workshop will build skills needed to ask powerful questions, build trust, listen for understanding and provide feedback effectively. 

Managers & Supervisors

  • Living Notre Dame's Values: Embracing a Culture of Candor, Integrity, and Respect: This program reinforces that, at the University, healthy discourse is encouraged, concerns are expressed, misconduct is reported, retaliation is not tolerated, and constructive remarks, however critical, are heard and appropriately considered.

  • Multicultural Competencies at Notre Dame: As part of our ongoing diversity and inclusion initiative, this workshop defines our D&I Strategic Plan, explains multicultural competencies and discusses their benefits to Notre Dame, as well as, behaviors that can negatively influence campus climate and your team dynamics. The Hiring Game Changers portion, which was offered in the past, will be delivered separately at a later date. 

  • Better Conversations Every Day (Coaching for Supervisors/Managers): This is a workshop designed to help those who lead start learning a new skill – coaching. 

Learning Series

These multi-day programs and training workshops offer more in-depth development of interpersonal, professional, supervisory and management skills. Offerings change each semester.

John Affleck-Graves Excellence in Leadership Programs

The John Affleck-Graves Excellence in Leadership Programs develop current and potential future University leaders by building leadership competencies such as emotional intelligence, influence, communication, agility, and critical thinking.  There are three offerings: the Executive Leadership, High-Performance Leadership, and Principles of Leadership programs. All three programs are centered around culture building, community shaping, team dynamics, and interpersonal relationship skills. These programs create a learning environment to experiment with new leadership tools and practice incorporating them into the current workplace. Participants are nominated and invited based on a variety of criteria. The programs last about 12 months and require monthly commitments to working sessions, community building, and project work. Some programs also offer a final capstone retreat.

Learning at Work Academy

The Learning at Work Academy is a multi-approach education program designed to encourage personal and career development to enhance individual success while strengthening the talent base for the University and the larger community. Instruction is provided by outside educational institutions but conveniently conducted in Notre Dame facilities. Notre Dame staff may participate in one or more of these five programs:

Online Learning

In addition to the in-person, instructor-led courses we offer, the University of Notre Dame also offers online professional development opportunities free of charge:

  • Online professional development through Udemy 
  • Language Learning Software through Mango Languages (users must provide a email address to create a free account) 
  • Career Development Guidance Through Optimal Resume Career & Talent Suite