New Faculty Guide

Congratulations on your new faculty appointment and welcome to the Notre Dame family. To help make your new employment experience the best it can be, this guide will assist you through the tasks you should complete prior to your arrival, within your first week, as well as resources you may take advantage of in your first weeks and months at ND. Begin reviewing this section as soon as your faculty appointment has been approved. It provides important information about your benefits, IT systems access, and more.

Prior to Your Arrival

  1. Complete Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
  2. Activate University NetID Account
  3. Find Payroll Information on InsideND
             a. Direct Deposit
             b. Federal and state tax withholding (Form W4)
             c. Electronic W-2 statement opt-in
  4. Enroll in Health Benefits (benefit-eligible employees only)
  5. Review retirement FAQs to understand retirement options

Your First Week on Campus

  1. Get a Campus ID Card
  2. Register for a Parking Permit
  3. Access University Email and Calendar
  4. Attend an HR New Hire Orientation Session
  5. Other actions that may be beneficial to you
    1. Discover safety services offered by Notre Dame Police Department
    2. Enroll in ND Alert
    3. Gather documents for Dependent Verification
    4. Explore insideND
    5. Learn about the University's Telephone Services
    6. Verify directory information at

Ongoing Onboarding

  1. Consider available Wellness and Work/Life Programs and Resources
  2. Visit the Notre Dame Wellness Center
  3. Take advantage of the Dual Career Assistance Program (Regular/Visiting Faculty)
  4. Learn about Education Benefits and Eligibility
  5. View University Policies