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Notre Dame is more than a breathtaking campus - our strong community and sense of family, long-standing tradition of excellence, and the ability to offer the best in resources and opportunity means we attract the finest faculty and staff from around the world

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The University strives to provide base compensation for faculty and staff that is externally competitive with the relevant market and internally aligned with positions with similar responsibilities, demonstrated competencies, and experience.

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Preparing for your future is important, and the University of Notre Dame is committed to providing the information, resources, and support you need to help you feel confident in your retirement savings strategy. Upon attaining eligibility, the University contributes 10% of your regular salary to the plan, and you are required to contribute a Mandatory Employee Contribution of 5% of your regular salary to the plan.

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Tuition Benefit

The University provides tuition assistance to the children of eligible faculty and staff who are attending Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s or other four-year accredited colleges and universities. The amount of the benefit is 50% of Notre Dame’s tuition.

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Notre Dame strives to provide a health care program consistent with its mission and values that empowers each faculty and staff member to achieve their own individual, optimal level of health through:

Choice - Broad and meaningful plan choice

Well Being - Robust yet practical wellness programs

Affordability - Reasonably affordable contributions

Education - Education and decision support tools

Competitiveness - Active competitive positioning

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