Maximizing Your Potential


Notre Dame seeks to foster an environment of outstanding performance and lifelong learning through several professional development programs.

Online Learning

Online professional development is available at no cost to all benefit-eligible faculty and staff at The Skillport library contains thousands of courses, video programs, books and other materials that can be accessed from any web-connected computer.

Learning Programs

The University offers all staff and faculty a full schedule of professional development workshops every fall, winter/spring & summer. Topics include Business Skills, Communications, Teamwork, Leadership, and more.

Learning Series

These multi-day programs and training workshops offer more in-depth development of interpersonal, professional, supervisory and management skills.


Career Services for Notre Dame Staff

Career Services for Notre Dame Staff offers tools and resources to assist Notre Dame employees in determining their interests, exploring their career strategy, developing their professional skills, and searching for the right fit in their career.

Learning at Work Academy

The Learning at Work Academy is a multi-approach education program designed to encourage personal and career development for employees at all levels. Programs include the Computer Skills Training program, the English as a New Language (ENL) program, the High School Equivalency (formerly GED) program, the IVY Tech Community College program, and the Literacy program.

Performance and Feedback Programs

The University encourages the development of employees and managers through several Performance and Feedback Programs. The Performance Management program encourages growth by establishing individual development goals for non-faculty employees. The University also offers 360° Assessments and Upward Feedback programs to help managers and supervisors gain valuable insights and set development goals.

eNDeavor Learning Management System

eNDeavor is the University’s online talent management system. eNDeavor integrates performance management, individual development planning, learning and talent profiles to assist with an individual’s career growth.

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