New Employee Guide

Congratulations on your new position at the University of Notre Dame! Our founder, Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., said, “this college will be one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.” As a new employee, you bring unique talents and gifts that will contribute to Notre Dame’s mission. We are happy you have joined us and we look forward to helping you learn and experience the tradition, pride, and excellence associated with Notre Dame.

The purpose of this quick-reference guide is to assist managers and new employees with specific employment-related tasks. However, this is just one part of your Onboarding experience. You will also attend New Hire Orientation where we will explain most of these topics, and your manager or supervisor will also help you along the way.

Welcome to Notre Dame!

We recognize the value of our employees to the University’s success. Employment at Notre Dame offers much more than competitive pay – the Notre Dame employment experience includes excellent benefits and wellness programs, comprehensive training and career development services, world-class events, social activities, and more. We encourage you to explore the many opportunities that await you.

Prior to or Within Your First Week

  1. Complete Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
  2. Activate University NetID Account
  3. Get an Campus ID Irish1Card
  4. Register for a Parking Permit
  5. Find Payroll Information on insideND
              a. Direct Deposit
              b. Federal and state tax withholding (Form W4)
              c. Electronic W-2 statement opt-in
  6. Access University Email and Calendar
  7. Attend HR New Hire Orientation Session
  8. Other actions that may be beneficial to you:
              a. Discover safety services offered by Notre Dame Police Department
              b. Enroll in ND Alert 
              c. Gather documents for Dependent Verification
              d. Explore insideND
              e. Learn about the University's Telephone Services
              f. Verify directory information via

Your First Month

  1. Enroll in Health Benefits (benefit-eligible employees only) (benefit-eligible employees only)
  2. Understand Retirement options (FAQs)
  3. Review Vacation and Leave Options 
  4. Review the Payroll calendar
  5. Learn about our Professional Development opportunities
  6. Explore technical training available through the Office of Information Technologies (OIT)
  7. View University Policies

Ongoing Onboarding

  1. Consider available Well-being Programs
  2. Visit the Notre Dame Wellness Center
  3. Understand your Performance Reviews
  4. Learn more about Education Benefits
  5. Learn about our Human Resources Consultants