Frontline Supervision

New cohort begins August 1, 2017. Frontline Supervision is a series of eight half-day sessions that concludes with a full-day summit. Each session is highly interactive to provide maximum “how-to” skills which can be applied immediately on the job. Participants must currently supervise frontline staff. Limited to 25 participants.


As a frontline supervisor, you need to be able to:

  • understand your role as a “supervisor-leader” in today’s team environment
  • organize time, workspace and work processes
  • motivate and reinforce good work efforts
  • plan and appropriately delegate work assignments
  • give feedback that positively coaches for good performance
  • learn to confidently conduct difficult discussions about performance issues
  • mediate conflict for a “win-win” resolution

Frontline Supervision is designed to develop the skills necessary to lead at the frontline of supervision at the University of Notre Dame.

The University is committed to training ALL staff who supervise others to ensure a professional and values-based approach to leading people.

Managers of Frontline participants are required to attend a pre-program orientation to understand their responsibilities in reinforcing the competencies taught in the program. Participants are also expected to attend the series summit, and their managers are invited back for the closing reception immediately after the summit.

Develop the Skills Necessary to Lead at the Frontline

Each session is designed as a highly interactive workshop to provide maximum “how-to” skills which can be applied immediately on the job. Learning methods include case studies, small and large group discussions, and practice exercises. Additional tools and activities include:

  • Pre-and Post-Training Competency Assessment
  • Individual Competency Development Plan
  • Pre-work and Supplemental Learning Resources
  • Reflective Learning Journals
  • Capstone Project at Series Summit

The program series is limited to 25 participants per group. All workshops will be held in the Grace Hall Lower Level Training Room from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Separate calendar invites for the kickoff and the Summit /Reception will be sent to participants as the dates approach.

Attendance Requirements

To be considered for this program, participants must currently supervise others (i.e., be responsible for their performance evaluations in Endeavor). Participants are expected to attend every session. Certificates of completion with a possible 3.6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are awarded to those attending at least seven sessions and the Summit.

Application Process

To reserve your seat in the Fall 2017 cohort, enroll in Frontline Supervision Cohort 15 in eNDeavor.


Frontline Supervision – Cohort 15

Note: participants must meet eligibility requirements (see above).

All Regular Sessions: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in Grace Hall, Lower Level Training Room

Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Series Kick-Off
Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017 Roles & Responsibilities of Today’s Supervisor Operational Know-How, Interpersonal Interactions, Organizing Time and Tasks
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2017 Campus Resources, Policies, and Processes Operational Know-How, Performance Management, Managing Conflict
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 Healthy Boundaries: Encouraging Positive Behavior at Work Interpersonal interactions, Fostering Teamwork, Managing Conflict
Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 Fostering Good Performance Performance Management, Managing Conflict, Developing Others
Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 Prioritizing, Planning, Organizing, and Time Management Organizing Time & Tasks, Interpersonal Interactions
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 Effective Communication and Coaching Skills Communicating with Clarity, Interpersonal Interactions, Developing Others
Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017 Delegation and Feedback Developing Others, Organizing Time and Tasks, Communicating with Clarity
Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 Dealing with Conflict and Change Management Change Management, Managing Conflict, Fostering Teamwork
Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Series Summit and Closing Reception

More information

For more information, please contact: Mary Adeniyi at or x1‑3013.

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