Learning Series


These multi-day programs and training workshops offer more in-depth development of interpersonal, professional, supervisory and management skills. Offerings change each semester.

Building Leadership Excellence

This program identifies a developmental model for senior leaders of the organization to enhance individual capabilities, professional growth and University success.

Frontline Supervision

New cohort begins August 1, 2017. Frontline Supervision is a series program designed to develop the skills necessary to lead at the frontline at the University of Notre Dame. This is a core course required for all staff supervisors at the University.

Learning to Lead

Proposed Spring 2018. This four-part series prepares those planning a career in supervision to understand what it takes to make the transition from managing one’s own work to managing others. Contact shurley1@nd.edu to be placed on the waiting list

Managing My Career

This series of workshops provides information and resources to assist employees with effectively managing their career progression at Notre Dame. Participation is encouraged to increase productivity in your current role as well as develop a strategic plan for future opportunities at the University.

Project Management Certificate Program

October 11 & 12, 2017 (general, non-IT track). The Project Management Certificate Program is designed to develop project management skills and the ability to utilize project management tools.

TAP – Today’s Administrative Professional

Begins September 15. Administrative staff wishing to learn or enhance the technical, interpersonal and organization skills identified as critical for high-performing administrative staff at the University can participate in a series of half-day learning sessions that culminate in a certificate. Contact shurley1@nd.edu if interested in participating.

TAP2 – Today’s Administrative Professional 2

Proposed Winter/Spring 2018. For those who have completed TAP, this new pilot series will strengthen the skills and competencies learned through the original program.


If you desire to be a more confident, polished speaker, then you should consider joining one of the Notre Dame Toastmasters clubs. There are two clubs on campus, and the best way to learn about them is to stop by a meeting. The clubs are open to Notre Dame faculty, staff and graduate students. Guests are always welcome to both clubs!

Additional Information:

  • Custom Programs – Human Resources can create tailored development programs or services for your department or team.

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