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Top performing universities rely on top performing employees.

Building on the strengths of our human talent enables Notre Dame to continue our tradition of excellence. Notre Dame seeks to foster an environment of outstanding performance and lifelong learning through an emphasis on talent management. Endeavor is our online talent management system that integrates performance management, individual development planning, learning and talent profiles to assist with an individual’s career growth. The performance management process is designed to help manage goals and expectations, encourage behavior consistent with University values and foster ongoing development. The University offers 360 assessments to help individuals attain development feedback. Development may be accomplished through on-campus learning programs, workshops, employee tuition benefits, and structured job assignments. Career planning assistance is also available for those seeking new opportunities.

Performance Management

Valuing excellence in its academic and administrative programs is one way the University of Notre Dame accomplishes its vision to be a premier Catholic institution that assumes a leadership role among the great universities of the world. The University strives to create and maintain an environment that emphasizes the importance of relating work performance to overall University goals and values.

Our performance management process supports that commitment. In fact, it is the primary means by which the University establishes and maintains individual accountability for non-faculty employees. The performance management process also creates the foundation for individual development by focusing on continuous improvement and rewarding employees for their contributions by linking performance to pay.

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360° Assessment Process

The University offers the opportunity for managers to participate in a 360 review. This process allows feedback to be provided from direct reports, peers and superiors. Feedback of this type is helpful in identifying areas of individual growth.

The appropriate assessment will be identified based on the manager’s role in the organization – senior level management, mid-level manager, first level supervisor or individual contributor. Assessments will evaluate key behaviors for success at each level and compare participant ratings to normative data of others in similar roles.

There is a fee for the assessment ranging from $200 – $275. Those interested in a 360 should discuss the possibility of participating with their manager. If it is agreed that a 360 assessment will be conducted, contact AskHR at 631-5900 to begin the process.

Learning & Education

As a preeminent University, Notre Dame is committed not only to the education of its students, but also to all employees. Creating a culture of lifelong learning among its employees is critical for the University of Notre Dame to remain competitive, to fully perform its mission, and to fulfill and achieve its goals.

Employees taking advantage of Notre Dame’s numerous learning programs benefit by developing new, marketable skills, developing skills for career advancement, acquiring professional credentials or pursuing a degree at Notre Dame or another college or university.

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Career Services for Notre Dame Staff

Career Services

Career Services for Notre Dame Staff is a function of the Office of Human Resources, and offers tools and resources to assist Notre Dame employees in determining their interests, exploring their career strategy, developing their professional skills, and searching for the right fit in their career. Career services are provided through one-on-one consultation, group sessions, and on-line resources using such tools as interest and style assessment instruments, training and developmental workshops, learning series and educational opportunities, and guidance in the practical aspects of a job search.

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Notre Dame Rotation Program

The Notre Dame Rotation Program is designed to develop individuals to take on leadership responsibilities in the university. Participants experience three, six month assignments in departments across campus. These assignments allow the participants to learn about the university from a new perspective, while providing valuable work to the host department.

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Talent Profile

Talent Profile is a tool within Endeavor that enables employees to create an up-to-date profile of their career experience, educational background, and professional certifications and skills. It provides a means to make an individual’s talent and qualifications more visible within the University’s talent pool.

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