Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

for Faculty, Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff

The University of Notre Dame recognizes the importance of having more time and flexibility to meet your family’s needs. Effective July 1, 2016, the University is providing a new benefit to assist faculty and staff in managing personal commitments.


This benefit is available to regular full-time faculty and staff (exempt and non-exempt) beginning July 1, 2016.

About the Benefit

The Bright Horizons Back-Up Care program includes:

  • Back-up care for unexpected, short-term child or elder care needs
  • An online provider directory for on-going family care solutions

Back-up care

The Bright Horizons Back-Up Care program provides short-term, last-minute child and elder care services for low, University-subsidized co-payments.

Usage: Eligible faculty and staff may use back-up care up to 15 days per year.

Co-payments: Co-payments for center-based care are $15 per child or $25 per family, per day. Co-payments for in-home care are $6 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

Online Provider Directory

Back-Up Care also assists faculty and staff in securing on-going family care solutions through an online directory of providers and services including child care, elder care, pet sitters, housekeeping and tutoring/test preparation.

Cost: Use of the directory is free; cost of services will vary by provider.

How to Register and Arrange Services

Pre-registration is required before services may be arranged. Registration is free at (username: NDCare, password: gond). You will be required to create a personal username and password.

Once registered, services may be arranged online or by calling Bright Horizons Back-Up Care at 877-BH-CARES (242-2737).

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Mobile App Available

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Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

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