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The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic academic community of higher learning that traces its origins to the Congregation of Holy Cross. The University has become a highly respected center of learning dedicated to the threefold goal of contemporary higher education — teaching, research, and service. Our faculty and staff apply their individual talents to our mission, advancing our collective vision while demonstrating the core values of the University in everything they do.

Our Mission

  • To transmit knowledge through teaching and mentoring,
  • To foster the discovery of knowledge through research and scholarship and, above all,
  • To support the holistic formation of our students — intellects, hearts and souls.

Our Goals

In an effort to achieve our aspiration of becoming a preeminent research university with a distinctive Catholic mission and an unsurpassed undergraduate education, the University of Notre Dame strives to meet five primary institutional goals:

  1. Ensure that our Catholic character informs all our endeavors
  2. Offer an unsurpassed undergraduate education that nurtures the formation of mind, body, and spirit
  3. Advance human understanding through scholarship, research, and post-baccalaureate programs that seek to heal, unify, and enlighten
  4. Foster the University’s mission through superb stewardship of its human, physical, and financial resources
  5. Engage in external collaborations that extend and deepen Notre Dame’s impact

These goals serve as the foundation of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Our Values

How an organization strives for and accomplishes its goals is just as important as what an organization achieves. At Notre Dame, we embrace five core values, as outlined below.

  1. Accountability – Takes responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions and results. Accountable for both how and what is accomplished.
  2. Teamwork – Works cooperatively as a member of a team and is committed to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.
  3. Integrity – Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior that displays a high moral standard. Widely trusted, respectful and honorable.
  4. Leadership in Excellence – Demonstrates energy and commitment to improving results, takes initiatives often involving calculated risks while considering the common good.
  5. Leadership in Mission – Understands, accepts, and supports the Catholic mission of the University and fosters values consistent with that mission.

At Notre Dame, it is not so much about who we currently are, as it is about who we aspire to be. How could your talents be applied to our collective mission — we encourage you to find out! Click the icon below. logo

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