The ND Experience

It has been said, “Whoever leaves Notre Dame, hopes to see it again.” What is it about the Notre Dame experience that affects people in such a deep and profound way? While the bond is common, the reasons are as varied as the people that work, live, teach, and study here. The University offers a rich environment, full of diverse activities and opportunities — no one experience is quite the same. We pride ourselves in being more than just an employer by fostering an environment where fun, entertainment, physical activity, and growth — both intellectual and spiritual — are all important.

As part of that focus, our University faculty and staff enjoy numerous amenities on and around campus:

Sports and Entertainment

  • Purchase discounted tickets to local athletic events — such as football, basketball, and hockey
  • Enjoy numerous intramural leagues — including the world’s largest 5 on 5 tournament in the world on the Bookstore courts
  • Access more types of athletic gyms, courts, and fields than you can imagine
  • Spend some time outside near one of our two lakes or along our extensive running and biking paths

Intellectual Growth

  • Attend a variety of world class artistic and musical events — from theatrical performances to poetry readings
  • Attend guest lecturers and attend conferences and seminars
  • Enroll in adult education or continuing education classes (employees receive exceptional tuition reimbursement benefits!)

Spiritual Growth

  • Continue your spiritual growth at the most renowned Catholic university in the world
  • Enjoy a mass in the Sacred Heart Basilica
  • Engage in silent reflection at the Grotto
  • Become part of a community that welcomes all religious faiths and beliefs

With such a wealth of events and activities, it is no surprise why every individual’s Notre Dame experience is unique. What might the Notre Dame experience be like for you? Perhaps it’s time you found out! Click the icon below. logo

If you are planning a visit to the University, the Visitor Bureau Guide provides information on campus tours as well as special places to take in while you are here.

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