Emotional Well-Being Toolkit Events

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Seminar or workshop by request. Contact the Notre Dame Wellness Center to schedule.

Option Type Description Cost Contact
Practicing Mindfulness Seminar Learn how this simple “fitness for the brain” technique of being present in the current moment can improve your life satisfaction as well as your overall health and well being. $0 Wellness Center
Understanding Depression Seminar Learn the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment of depression. $0 Wellness Center
The Importance of Sleep Seminar Learn the importance of sleep on health and strategies for better quality sleep. $0 Wellness Center
Using our Brains to Help Us Change Seminar Learn how you can optimize your mindset to facilitate change. $0 Wellness Center
Mindful Eating Seminar Learn how to be more satisfied with less food by listening to the wisdom of our bodies $0 Wellness Center
Happiness Challenge Workshop A 6-week challenge is intended to increase awareness of the importance of happiness and to learn how to apply some happiness enhancing strategies to our everyday lives $0 Wellness Center
Live Tobacco Free Workshop This six-session interactive-based facilitator led program is designed to be delivered to both small and larger groups. The program is based on the transtheorectical model of change and is designed to assist individuals along the whole continuum of the quitting process from just considering quitting to those who are ready to take immediate action. $0 Wellness Center
Building Resilience Seminar Understanding the need to manage our daily pressures during change and adversity. $0 Wellness Center
Managing Your Stress Workshop This six-session interactive-based facilitator led program is designed to be delivered to both small and larger groups onsite. Its comprehensive approach to the topic includes recent research on mindfulness, self-care, and resilience. The design of the program is interactive and participatory, including many opportunities for participants to answer questions, take quizzes, and reflect on their own situations. $0 Wellness Center
Into to Mindfulness Workshop A simple definition of mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, and without judgement. Over the last 35 years, researchers have discovered that being more mindful in daily life can positively impact ability to manage stress, life satisfaction, and overall well-being. This seven-week program is designed to introduce and support employees’ beginning exploration of mindfulness meditation practice. $0 Wellness Center
Boxing Class Participation Punch your stress away by taking a boxing class as a department. Receive training on proper boxing form and put it into practice with punching bags. $25 + $5/person RecSports

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