Unique benefit program for expectant parents

Author: Anna McKeever

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Expectant mothers can receive up to $500 in financial incentives through a pre-paid debit card.

At Notre Dame, we strive to offer a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that supports you through the different stages of your life. We wanted to make you aware of a unique, free of charge benefit program called Future Moms. Future Moms is available to benefit-enrolled expectant mothers through our insurance plan (Anthem).

By joining the Future Moms program, expectant mothers enrolled in our medical plan can get personal support from a registered nurse to follow their doctor’s plan of care and have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. By filling out health assessments at the beginning of their pregnancy, halfway through their pregnancy and post-birth, expectant mothers can receive up to $500 in financial incentives through a pre-paid debit card.* These funds can be used towards your medical expenses or towards other costs associated with welcoming a new child.

To learn more about this program and to enroll, please call 800-828-5891.

*The details about the financial incentives benefit-eligible expectant mothers can receive are below:

  • Complete an initial assessment in your first trimester by 183 days before your due date, earn $150.
  • Complete an interim assessment at least one day before due date, earn $150.
  • Complete a post-birth assessment by 56 days post-delivery, earn $200.

Originally published by Anna McKeever at hr.nd.edu on March 01, 2020.