Tools to connect caregivers with care providers

Author: Office of Human Resources

Connecting Care Givers With Providers

(originally published on August 7, 2020)

University faculty, staff and graduate students have access to a premium and free online directory of sitters and senior care solutions (among others) through Sittercity (via Bright Horizons).

To use this benefit faculty, staff and graduate students must pre-register at using the same username and password identified above. After creating a username and password, faculty, staff and graduate students should click on “Additional Family Supports”, search the type of service needed, click to continue on to the Sittercity website, choose the Sittercity membership, enter their personal information and click on “Register Now.”

The University is also exploring the creation of a campus hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information around child and elder care resources.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tools to Connect Caregivers with Care Providers (Sittercity Online Caregiver Directory)

  1. How are caregivers screened?
    Only providers who meet Bright Horizons’ stringent standards are invited into the caregiver network. Providers are required to be in compliance with state licensing, meet accreditation standards and complete thorough background checks during the screening process.
  2. What is the difference between Bright Horizons and Sittercity (the online caregiver directory)?
    Bright Horizons is a University partner that provides emergency back up care services in addition to other tools. One of the tools it offers is Sittercity, an online caregiver directory. To gain access to Sittercity for free, faculty, staff and graduate students must access it through Bright Horizons.
  3. What services are available through Sittercity (the online caregiver directory)?
    The online caregiver directory includes babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, housekeepers, music instructors, tutors and test preparation providers, and more.
  4. How much do Sittercity (the online caregiver directory) services cost?
    To gain access to Sittercity for free, faculty staff and graduate students must access it through Bright Horizons. Costs associated with services obtained through Sittercity (online caregiver directory) will vary depending upon the services and provider.
  5. How do faculty, staff and students pay for services obtained through the directory?
    Payment for services obtained through Sittercity (the online caregiver directory) will apply at the time the service is utilized and payment is made directly with the service provider.
  6. How many times can faculty, staff and graduate students use Sittercity (the online caregiver directory)?
    Access to Sittercity (the online caregiver directory) is unlimited.
  7. Are the caregivers on Sittercity (the online caregiver directory) screened?
    The online directory of caregivers includes profiles with background checks, references, reviews, skills and certifications and photos.
  8. When should faculty, staff and graduate students register for the care they need?
    A one-time registration to the program is necessary. Therefore, faculty staff and graduate students are strongly encouraged to register prior to utilizing the program. Registration is free. The creation of a personal username and password for future uses for the online caregiver database is required.
  9. What information is required at registration?
    Dependent child(ren) or adult’s demographic and health information such as a child’s immunization schedule. Providing this information at the time of registration will streamline the service utilization process.
  10. How do faculty, staff and graduate students register for or arrange care?
    Faculty, staff and graduate students may register at (username: NDCare, password: gond). They will be required to create a personal username and password. Once registered, services may be arranged online or by calling Bright Horizons Back-Up Care at 877-BH-CARES (242-2737).

Originally published by Office of Human Resources at on January 07, 2021.