Additional caregivers added to help with adult and elder care needs

Author: Anna McKeever


The Bright Horizons Back-Up Care program provides short-term, last-minute child and elder care services for low, University subsidized co-payments. Eligible faculty and staff may use back-up care up to 15 days per year.

Additional caregivers have been added in the South Bend area to help you with your adult and elder care needs!

Bright Horizons® can help you get your loved ones the assistance they need.

  • Your spouse/partner has had knee surgery and needs help until they’re back on their feet
  • Your college-age daughter broke her leg and is staying with you while recovering
  • Your father-in-law lives across the country and needs support until long-term care is in place

Get Started

Employer Username: Ndcare | Password: gond
Download the Back-Up Care app: Search “back-up care” in the App Store or Google Play
Questions? Call 877-BH-CARES (242-2737)
View Bright Horizons Elder Care Flyer Here