We’re excited to announce that the full Castlight experience is now available!

Published: June 21, 2016


Shop around with Castlight. We know finding care can be confusing. Price ranges for the same medical service can vary tremendously depending on where you receive care. That’s where Castlight can help: before you make an appointment, use Castlight to find the best prices on the care you need.

Use Castlight to:

  • Compare prices: see out-of-pocket costs for doctors, lab work, X-rays, and long-term treatment.
  • Read patient reviews and quality ratings: find the best care with patient reviews and quality ratings from respected third-party sources.
  • See personalized recommendations: save on future care with tips based on your plan.

Castlight Mobile Image 15k JPG

In just a few seconds, you can see how much you’ll pay for most services and make wise choices that save you money.

Mobile: coming in July! Castlight’s mobile application will be available for download starting July 9.

In the meantime, register from your computer or use the browser on your mobile device to access Castlight’s desktop site.

Visit www.mycastlight.com/notredame to register and learn more about Castlight.

We look forward to hearing the ways that Castlight helps you.

For more information, contact askHR at (574) 631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu.