Wellness Center’s patient portal adds features

Published: July 01, 2014


Health encyclopedia, online appointments, reminders, and more.

The Notre Dame Wellness Center recently added several features to its online patient portal (wellnesscenter.nd.edu). The new tools and links make the website a more comprehensive resource for patients seeking to manage their care.

“Our goal is to make the portal more robust and bring its features in line with Notre Dame’s culture of wellness,” says chronic condition management nurse Maureen Jamieson, “not just by providing care, but by helping patients take charge.” Just as the Wellness Center’s Medical Home model coordinates more of a patient’s care under one roof, Jamieson says, the portal allows patients to manage more aspects of their wellness on one website.

Health Encyclopedia, Health Resources

Users with common medical questions can now get quick answers and home treatment tips 24 hours a day at the portal’s Health Encyclopedia. Did you get into poison ivy doing yardwork? Did your child get a tooth knocked out playing soccer? The Health Encyclopedia offers first-aid or prevention tips from medical experts.

Patients seeking more in-depth information can also turn to the portal’s Health Resources section to find links to well-known agencies with expertise in specific wellness issues. For example, a link to the National Institute of Mental Health connects the user to reliable information on autism, depression, and suicide prevention. Also listed are organizations specializing in diabetes, alzheimers, sleep disorders, and over a dozen more.

The portal also reminds faculty and staff of local and community resources beyond the Wellness Center’s own services, such as the LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program.

Online appointments, reminders, and HRQ results

Wellness Center patients may check available appointment times and schedule appointments online – even for the same day, when available. Patients may sign up to receive appointment reminders via email or text, which Jamieson reports is a popular feature among patients scheduling recurring visits for physical therapy or chronic condition management. Employees who participated in YourHRQ in 2012 or 2013 may also review their screening results on the portal – a great way to check progress and set goals ahead of this year’s screenings, which start soon.

Forgotten password?

The hardest part of using the portal, Jamieson says, is just getting started. The portal is managed externally by Take Care Health Systems, so new users must choose a username and a strong password. If you forget yours, don’t worry – resetting your password from the home screen is easy.

For more information, visit the patient portal at wellnesscenter.nd.edu or call the Notre Dame Wellness Center at (574) 634-WELL (9355).