Update: Endeavor Upgrade

Published: August 11, 2015


Endeavor, the University’s Learning and Performance Management tool for staff, will be getting a makeover this month. The upgrade is expected to bring a simpler and more intuitive experience to all users.

Downtime begins Friday, August 14

Endeavor will be taken offline at the close of business on Friday, August 14. During this time, users will be unable to access the application. While we can’t pinpoint exactly how long the transition will take, we expect to debut the new application on (or about) Tuesday, August 25. Watch the Endeavor upgrade page for the latest updates.

Please register for learning programs now

During the downtime, users will be unable to register for learning programs. Please make all registrations (or cancellations) prior to August 14. Registrations will resume when the new application is launched. For assistance registering or canceling during the downtime, please contact the program sponsor directly:

  • For OIT classes, please contact training@nd.edu or 631-7227
  • For HR classes, please contact askHR@nd.edu or 631-5900

Please enter and approve goals by Sept. 15

As previously announced, Endeavor’s Performance Management module has not been activated, and staff are unable to enter goals into Endeavor until after the upgrade. In the meantime, goals should still be completed offline. For assistance, consider using this Word template.

Once the new application is launched, goals should be entered into Endeavor, reviewed with your manager, and approved by September 15.

For more information: