Request for update of disability, veteran, & race/ethnicity status

Published: December 17, 2014

To: All University Faculty and Staff

The University of Notre Dame is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community that embraces the talents and achievements of all individuals.

While this commitment to a diverse workforce is driven by our Catholic character, monitoring and reporting our progress is also required by federal law.

The federal government has recently issued new regulations that change the way we report some of this information – specifically, which portions of our workforce are veterans or individuals with disabilities.

New survey of employee demographics

To meet these new requirements and our ongoing commitments, the University must re-survey its workforce and allow all faculty and staff the opportunity to voluntarily update their veteran, disability, and race/ethnicity status.

Your update is optional. While your update is encouraged to assist the University in better understanding and reporting the makeup of its workforce, updating your status is voluntary. No employment decisions will be based on whether or not a status update is offered.

Which updates are requested

All faculty and staff are asked to update their status in three demographic areas:

  • veteran status,
  • disability status, and
  • race/ethnicity.

How to update your status

Please take a moment to log in to insideND and update each status as follows:


  • Veteran Status: Please see the link in the Employee Personal Information channel (pictured).
  • Disability Status: Please see the link in the Employee Personal Information channel (pictured).
  • Race/Ethnicity: There is no direct link to update this status; rather, beginning December 17 you will be automatically prompted for a race/ethnicity update anytime you access an employee self-service application in insideND such as the vacation or payroll applications. You will continue to be prompted until a response is recorded. Note: you may record an empty response (indicating no disclosure) by simply leaving all selections unchecked and clicking “Continue.”

Frequently asked questions

Q: Have I been asked for this information before?
A: Probably, though in a different manner. This information is commonly requested by most employers during the hiring process, usually within the employment application itself. Please note that all U.S. employers with more than fifty employees are required by law to request these disclosures, but disclosing is always optional.

Q: I’ve been asked to disclose before. Why ask again?
A: Your status may have changed. For example, a disability may occur at any time. Also, the new regulations have created new status choices, allowing selection of more accurate status options. Finally, those who have not previously disclosed their veteran, disability, or race/ethnicity status may choose to do so now.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

The University of Notre Dame does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or age in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school-administered programs, or in employment. Learn more.

For more information, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or