Presidential Team Irish Award Winner: Congratulations Utilities Engineering Team!

Published: September 30, 2019

Utilities Engineering Team

In recent years, more than 2 million square feet of buildings have been constructed on campus. The Utilities Engineering Team has supported the planning, design, and construction of each project during this unprecedented period of expansion.

This team has designed and implemented energy conservation strategies resulting in cost savings for the University in excess of $2,000,000. With the leadership provided by the engineering team, the support of their staff, along with the improved efficiency in products and technology, the energy consumption profile on campus has been declining. Team members have also been instrumental in supporting many of the LEED credits on new construction projects.

Congratulations to the Utilities Engineering Team for winning the Presidential Team Irish Award. Your dedication and commitment to leadership in excellence is an example of the University’s core value in action.

Utilities Engineering Team:

  • Brad Prestin
  • Bob Werner
  • Tim Golichowski
  • Mark Hummel
  • Jamey Bontrager-Singer
  • Dan Shoop
  • Justin Paton
  • Chip Farrell
  • Tom Noble
  • Eric Fiedeldey
  • Jim Pfeil

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The Presidential Team Irish Award recognizes staff teams who have exemplified the University’s Core Values of accountability, teamwork, integrity, leadership in excellence and leadership in mission during a significant accomplishment, collaboration or initiative.