Open Enrollment confirmation statements are now available

Published: November 24, 2015

The 2016 Open Enrollment period has closed. A statement reflecting your benefit selections is now available online for review at

We ask that you please log in and verify:

  • your elections for medical, dental, vision, flexible spending account and life insurance
  • your dependent coverages, if any, and
  • your screening credit(s), if any.

Check your confirmation statement now at

What to check on your confirmation statement:

1) Select the Confirmation Statement icon

2) Check your enrollments

Each benefit you are enrolled in will be shown in a separate box. Check to see that the correct benefits and plans are listed.

Click to enlarge

3) Check your dependents

Your dependents should be listed for each benefit you wish to enroll them in. Check to see that all dependents are accounted for. For example – if you are expecting a dependent to be enrolled in your dental plan but don’t see him or her listed in the Delta Dental box, you may wish to submit a correction.

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4) Check your screening credits

If you completed a health screening, your credit will be reflected at bottom as a “Wellness Screening Spending Credit.” Note: the dollar amount reflected represents your credit per pay period. The rates will be displayed as follows:

Staff paid Semi-Monthly:
Employee Only – $7.50 per pay is a $180.00 annual credit.
Employee and Spouse – $11.50 per pay is a $276.00 annual credit.

Staff paid Bi-Weekly:
Employee Only – $6.92 per pay is a $180.00 annual credit.
Employee and Spouse – $10.61 per pay is a $276.00 annual credit.

Faculty Paid Monthly:
Employee Only – $15.00 per pay is a $180.00 annual credit.
Employee and Spouse – $23.00 per pay is a $276.00 annual credit.

  • If you do not see the credit you are expecting for yourself and/or your eligible spouse, please contact askHR.

5) Submit any corrections

To submit a correction, please do the following:

  • please print your confirmation statement,
  • indicate changes on the statement, sign and date the form, and
  • return your signed statement to the Office of Human Resources at 200 Grace Hall by Friday, December 4.

Changes must be received by Friday, December 4. If you require no changes, no action is needed.

For more information, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or

*Note: if you completed a screening, the final line of your statement labeled “Total Employee Semi-Monthly Deduction” may be incorrectly calculated. The error in calculation is a known bug in the MyBenefits application; we apologize for any confusion. To calculate your total monthly payroll deduction, please subtract your monthly screening deduction from the Total Employee Benefit Cost shown. For assistance, please contact askHR at 574-631-5900 or