Free On-Campus Hearing Assessments - April 23

Published: April 02, 2015

Free Hearing Assessments for Pre-Screened* Faculty & Staff


Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves? Do you often turn up the volume on your TV? You may qualify for a free on-campus hearing assessment.

Thursday, April 23
8:15 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Notre Dame Wellness Center

To find out if you qualify:

  1. Print and complete this quick pre-assessment questionnaire.
  2. If the questionnaire indicates you need further evaluation*, call askHR at 574-631-5900 to schedule your free on-campus assessment.
  3. Bring your completed questionnaire to your appointment.

For more information, call askHR at 574-631-5900

Assessments provided by The Hearing Professionals of Michiana. Appointments are limited — first come, first served.

*To help ensure availability for those with the greatest need, we ask that appointments be limited to those who need further evaluation as indicated by the pre-assessment questionnaire.