Career Services for Notre Dame Staff

Published: March 28, 2012

Career Services for Notre Dame Staff is a service to help staff members identify, explore, develop/prepare to reach a goal – “the right role” for them with the University.

In the latest ND Voice survey, a number of requests were received for guidance on how staff can prepare for and seek advancement opportunities with the University. The new service will benefit both staff and the University. For staff members, the service provides them with tools to assist in finding job satisfaction/potential for growth in their current or a different position. By assisting staff to identify and direct their passion, they will have the opportunity to contribute at maximum potential. In turn, the University will benefit from staff who find a better match to their interests and suitability to needs of Notre Dame, with a natural result of enhanced employee engagement and stronger connection with University goals.

“Job suitability or interest equals higher satisfaction, leading to increased productivity,” Tammy Freeman, Director Talent Management and HR Strategy. “The Notre Dame Career Services for Staff will provide a breadth of tools, including career assessments, career knowledge resources, job search consultations, and career development workshops.”

For more information, click here. To make an appointment and explore a career strategy, develop professional skills, or search for the right fit in your career, contact the askHR Customer Service Center at 574‐631‐5900 or by email.