Your HRQ and Irish Health Winners Announced; Nearly 1400 in Attendance

Published: November 09, 2012

Bradley Goff, Office of Development, winner of the $1000 Your HRQ top prize

Congratulations to Bradley Goff in the Office of Development for winning this year’s $1000 HRQ prize! Bradley was one of about 2000 faculty and staff who completed their HRQ and health screening by the second day of Irish Health.

Nearly 1400 faculty and staff attended the annual Irish Health wellness fair, and over 500 health screenings were performed at the event. Attendees visited with over fifty exhibitors including benefits vendors like Delta Dental and Fidelity Investments, as well as many on-campus resources like Food Services, Rec Sports, and Human Resources. The more popular attractions at the event included flu shots from the Wellness Center, sushi-making demonstrations by Notre Dame Executive Chef Donald Miller, and free massages from Memorial Health and Lifestyle Center.

“We want our faculty and staff to be aware of the breadth of benefits and services the University offers as well as the wealth of resources in the community,” said Maureen Wildey, Benefits Program Manager with the Office of Human Resources. “There are a lot of opportunities at Irish Health to talk about their health, their well-being, and even their financial well-being.” Those conversations are a good thing, explained Jennie Phillips with Rec Sports. “Part of this whole thing is not only helping our employees, but helping our employees take things home to their families,” she said. “If our employees have this knowledge and pass it along so their families become healthier, it helps everybody here at Notre Dame as well.”

Slides from Irish Health 2012

After the event, drawings were held for a variety of additional prizes and gift certificates. The winners are:

Bergland, Tina Group Fit. Class
Causevic, Elvedina Ray Bans
Dipert, Tracy Select Bag
Duran, Henry $100 Gift Cert.
Ernsberger, Kay First Aid Kit
Evard, Wed Towel
Garscha, Tonie Fidelity Bag
Gibson, Effie Fidelity Blanket
Goethals, Shelly Dumbbells
Hanstra, Tom K-Pack (shampoo)
Haughee, Kim Shamrock Visor
Hnatuska, Peggy Hockey Tickets
Kaczmarek, Jill K-Pack (shampoo)
Kyles, Norma Group Fit. Class
Macura, Joseph Men’s Basketball Tickets
Maurer, Lori RecSports Gift Cert.
McClure, Steven Memorial Metabolism Test
Olson, Regina Football Tickets
Peterson, James Select Bag
Picking, Laura ND Hat
Pillai, Anne Ice Country Music Fest
Ren, Maoming RecSports Gift Cert.
Riffle, Sharon Ray bans
Schulte, David Sonicare
Scott, Julie Kindle (Alex has prize)
Shields, Susan Fitness Assessment
Skube, Josh Starbucks
Smith, Leslie Women’s Basketball Tickets
Spice, Mike Picture Frame
Sumpter, Sharon Barnes & Noble Gift Card
Williams, Amy Dumbbells