Guidelines for Internal Movement FAQs

Published: April 30, 2020

1. Can staff promotions/transfers (within the same division) take place at this time?

The current staff hiring freeze also includes a freeze on promotions/transfers of any current employees. In the rare circumstance where a division feels it’s critical to fill a position, approval from their Executive Officer must be obtained.

2. Can I request an exception to the current promotion/transfer freeze?

The following guidelines will apply for promotions/transfers (within the same division):
1. The division’s Executive Officer must give approval.
2. This guidance is in place until further notice.
3. Back-filling a position that becomes vacant due to an internal promotion/transfer is prohibited.

3. How should managers proceed if they determine there are no other available options than a promotion/transfer (within the same division) to fill an operational need?

In extremely limited situations to ensure essential operations continue, and only with the approval of the Executive Officer, managers may fill the position within the same division in order to achieve vital operational needs.

The department should follow the University’s normal practice of sharing the opportunity via email within the department to solicit interest. The department will then work with HR Compensation to finalize the process.

There will be no increase to base salary and no additional lump sum payments in lieu of a salary increase. If and when the University’s economic situation changes (as defined by the Executive Officers), employees who have been operating in a position deemed a promotion/transfer could receive an increase using the normal compensation guidelines. However, that is up to the discretion of the manager and is not guaranteed. Under no circumstances would any increase be given on a retroactive basis.

4. What if a promotion/transfer was communicated to someone with a written offer letter prior to March 13?

As a general principle, all promotions/transfers communicated with a written offer letter prior to March 13, 2020, will be allowed. Those promoted can receive the increase in pay that was agreed upon by management on the effective date designated in the offer letter.