Endeavor upgrade planned; Performance Management process to be adjusted

Published: June 24, 2015


An upgrade to the Endeavor application is currently planned for late August. The upgrade, which is expected to bring a simpler and more intuitive experience to all users, will require a period of downtime. Because the exact period of downtime is not yet known, minor adjustments to the Performance Management cycle will be required in anticipation of the upgrade.

System improvements

In addition to resolving several known issues, the upgrade will bring new features to the software’s Learning module. For example:

  • searching the course catalog and enrolling in courses will be more intuitive;
  • the upgrade also brings exciting new capabilities for providing future e-learning courses, adding online components to classroom courses, assigning courses to users and managing user records.

Impacts to Performance Management cycle

Possible system downtime

When the planned upgrade commences, the Endeavor application will be taken offline to ensure a smooth transition and migration of existing user data from the old application to the new. The downtime is expected to be several days; the exact length will depend on the success of the installation, migration, and testing that the vendor must perform during the transition.

Downtime coincides with Performance Management cycle

The currently-planned transition unavoidably coincides with the start of the annual Performance Management cycle. In a typical cycle, the Performance Management module would be activated July 1, staff would be expected to enter goals into Endeavor by August 15, and managers/supervisors would be expected to review and approve goals by August 31. This year, in anticipation of the upgrade, the Performance Management cycle will be modified slightly.


Goals should be written (offline) by August 15

Though the Performance Management cycle begins July 1, activation of the Performance Management module will be delayed this year. Staff will be unable to enter goals into Endeavor while the Performance Management module of the application remains un-activated.

In the meantime, goals should still be completed manually. To assist with this manual process, a Word template will be provided electronically to all participants. The template may either be typed electronically or printed and handwritten.

Goals should be typed or written by the August 15 deadline, and may be entered into Endeavor as soon as the transition is complete and it is announced that the Performance Management module has been activated. While the Performance Management module is expected to be activated in late August or early September, the precise date is currently unknown and will be announced in an upcoming communication.

Goals should be approved (online) by September 15

To allow time for staff to enter goals into Endeavor and for managers or supervisors to review, discuss, and approve the goals, the deadline for this step – which is normally August 31 – will be extended to September 15.


An email announcing the manual goal-writing process and deadlines will be sent to all staff on or about June 29, 2015. The email will contain a link to the goal-setting template described above.

Once the re-activation of the Performance Management module draws near, further communication will be sent to announce that goals may be entered into Endeavor.

For more information

For more information about the Performance Management process, please review the Performance Management webpage on the HR website.

For additional information, please contact askHR at (574) 631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu.