Campus ID Card PIN Changes

Published: January 06, 2015

An update from the Campus Card Office:

To enhance the security and convenience of the campus ID card, the following changes took effect on October 1, 2014:

  • All existing cardholders (faculty, staff and students) now have the ability to change the PIN associated with their card. (Recall that the current PIN defaults to the cardholder’s birth date and month.) Cardholders can now enter a 4-digit PIN of their choosing. Simply log-on at to enter a new PIN. Changing your PIN is not mandatory and current cardholders are not required to make any change. However, departments may want to consider encouraging those with highly sensitive building/room access to update their PIN and change to something more secure.
  • All faculty/staff cardholders will now receive an email notification two months prior to the card expiration date indicating that the card will be expiring. This reminder will provide the cardholder time to visit the Campus Card Office for a replacement card. An additional enhancement is that the expiration date of campus ID cards for faculty/staff is now the last day of a cardholder’s birth month and will be printed on new cards. (Temp/on call cards will continue to expire annually and student cards will expire in their graduation month/year.)
  • All new cardholders (faculty, staff and students) will have a random 4-digit PIN generated at the time the card is printed. The PIN will no longer include the user’s date of birth. Once the PIN is generated an email will be sent instructing the cardholder to log-in and view and/or change their PIN at Please note that this impacts new, first time cardholders only.

For more information, visit or contact the Campus Card Office at 1-7840.