Announcing the 2010-2011 Fred Freeman Scholarship Recipients

Published: August 12, 2010

Wendy - Fred Freeman Char - Fred Freeman
Wendy Wolfe Char-anna Koblick

Established in 1994, the Fred E. Freeman Staff Scholarship provides $1,000 per semester toward tuition to staff interested in pursuing their education. Recipients are selected based on various criteria, including a written essay, relevance of the field of study to current or future employment at the University and years of service.

Char-anna Koblick is a Service Associate in Food Services and has worked for the University since July 2001. Upon completion of an Associate Business Administration degree from Ivy Tech Community College, she plans to pursue her Bachelors degree at Indiana University at South Bend.

When I got the letter stating that I had won the Freeman Scholarship I was ecstatic! I had a huge smile on my face for days. I had gone to IUSB from high school and received several financial aid scholarships which were great. However receiving this scholarship means so much more to be because I had to write an essay and compete for the scholarship. It being from Notre Dame made it more special. I am currently in the NDLA program and will complete my requirements for my Associates in Business Administration from Ivy Tech in October. I have an Associate in Computer Programming from IUSB and I plan to finish my Bachelors there in General Studies with a Minor in Sustainability Studies. I am actively involved in recycling as well as other environmental issues for the past 30 years. I am very excited to be enrolled in the sustainability minor which is being offered for the first time this fall semester. I will complete my degree in 12 to 18 months and look forward to moving into a new position, hopefully in sustainability, here at Notre Dame. I know that I can help Notre Dame achieve all their sustainable goals as well as set and implement ideas for saving our earth’s resources.

Wendy Wolfe is a Program Administrator for the Glynn Family Honors Program and has worked for the University since April 1989. She has been taking courses through the ND Learning at Work Academy and plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English at Notre Dame.

As the Program Coordinator in the Glynn Family Honors Program I am constantly surrounded by some of the Universities top students studying in areas from mathematics and sciences to literature and philosophy. My role within the Program is to provide the students with a variety of services to make their ND experience a fulfilling one. In this realm, I provide them with a student lounge where discussions often focus on subjects from Politics to Ethics and beyond. Being a pat of this environment on a daily basis has been life changing and enriching and it has given me a real thirst for knowledge and a desire to continue the learning experience for myself. Last Fall I started taking classes in the Ivy Tech/ND program and have enjoyed being a student again and stimulating my mind to study and discuss literature and relearn mathematics and algebra! Some of the courses have been more challenging than others and in this quest, I have realized that I would love to pursue a major in one of the Liberal Arts such as English. I am also interested in Art and Philosophy. While I have some direction with my interests of pursuing a degree, the best part right now is just being a “First-Year Student” and delving into new and exciting possibilities. While I was hoping to take a Creative Writing course this semester here at Notre Dame along with a Math and Biology Course at Ivy Tech, it looks like Intro to Anthropology will be the direction this semester instead! I am very excited to take the Anthropology course and I can honestly say some of that interest and excitement to learn about this field of study stems directly from one of the many wonderful Honors Program students who has been a part of my life here at Notre Dame. Marie Charlotte Cable wrote her Senior Thesis in just this field and ever since I heard her senior presentation some years ago, it sparked an interest for me in Anthropology. The Fred Freeman Staff Scholarship has opened up a world of opportunity to me and I cannot think of a better way to relate to my students and my career with the Program than to join them in their learning experience and keep learning right along with them!

Congratulations to both Char-anna and Wendy!