Temporary Employment Toolkit

Human Resources will assist departments in filling temporary employment needs when the following circumstances occur:

  • Temporary absences of regular employees due to vacation or leaves.
  • During the recruitment of vacant positions.
  • When additional help is needed during peak or seasonal time periods, and on special projects.

Important things to know about temporary employment:

  • Temporary employees cannot work more than 900 hours in the first year of temporary employment beginning with their hire date or then in any fiscal year thereafter.
  • Temporary positions are generally non-exempt.
  • Non-exempt temporary positions must be paid on an hourly basis and overtime must be paid for any hours worked over 40 hours in a work week.

To initiate the temporary hiring process, hiring managers may contact the Office of Human Resources at 631-5900 to speak with a recruiting consultant. Once the request is received and certain information is identified, i.e., specific skills, desired qualifications, reporting information, and the anticipated duration* of the temporary position, a recruiting consultant will assist departments in securing a qualified temporary employee from either the University’s pool of candidates or from a local temporary employment agency.

*Note: Generally, temporary positions should not exceed three (3) consecutive months.

When a temporary employee is selected from the University’s candidate pool, a criminal background check will be conducted prior to the employee’s start date. The results of the verification take approximately 2-4 business days following the date of submission. Once received, a recruiting consultant will notify the requesting department of employment eligibility based on the results. Employment is contingent upon satisfactory results. Additionally, the hiring manager must complete the Personnel Actions application.

Temporary employees are typically paid bi-weekly on an hourly basis and are required to record their hours worked in Ultratime. Paychecks are issued every other Friday via Direct Deposit. The designated payroll deadline is shown on the Office of the Controller’s Payroll Calendar.

All expenses associated with temporary employment are the responsibility of the requesting department. Temporary employment agencies will submit bills directly to the requesting department for authorization and payment.

For additional information regarding temporary employment, please contact the askHR Customer Service Center at (574) 631-5900.

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