Position Management Toolkit

In order to plan responsibly for the university’s financial future, the university tracks employment growth, both in terms of dollars and faculty/staff headcount additions. A position tracking process has been established to help us gauge the size and growth of overall staff and faculty.

Position management blends the duties and responsibilities required in a position with the goal of successfully carrying out Notre Dame’s mission and vision. The university uses the Staff Position Management form to obtain the position’s description, approval and funding information and provide information back to departments via the memo. The Staff Position Management Form is an excel form with three tabs. The first tab is the position description which provides us facts about a position to determine the appropriate assignment into the compensation structure. This process is intended to accurately describe the position, not the skill or performance level of the incumbent or potential employee. The second tab is the approval and funding information that Budget requires. The third tab is the information provided back to the department. By providing all of the necessary information on one form and electronically submitting the Staff Position Management form the process can be handled efficiently.

Staff Position Management Form (xls)

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