Sharon Hawkins

Sharon Hawkins, Senior HR Consultant
Positions or experience at Notre Dame: Sharon Hawkins has been with the University since 1999 and has served as the HR Consultant for several areas including Building Services, Bookstore, Food Services , Landscape Services, Morris Inn and Utilities.
Educational Background: Sharon is a graduate of Indiana University at South Bend, with additional certifications in Organizational Design, the MBTI program and Mediation.
External experience: Sharon worked for Target Corporation for 19 years. She started as a part-time clerk while in college and was later promoted to a department manager, then manager of personnel. Her responsibilities included merchandising, oversight of store operations, staffing, store and district training, and the community volunteer program.
Assigned client groups: Campus Safety & University Operations, CSUO: Building Management, CSUO: Building Services, CSUO: Campus Work Control Center, CSUO: Sustainability, CSUO: Warehouse, Delivery & Transportation (Central Receiving, General Services, Mail Distribution, Recycling, Surplus Property, Transportation Services), CSUO: Aviation, CSUO: Land O’Lakes, UEE: Campus Card Office, UEE: Cedar Grove Cemetery, UEE: Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore & Retail Operations, UEE: Licensing, UEE: Notre Dame Clubs & Concessions, CSUO: Custodial Services
What Sharon finds rewarding about working as an HR Consultant: “The things I find most rewarding about the work of an HRC is the opportunity to interact with so many people. Having spent 12 years primarily with the Business Operations team, and the last 5 years with Athletics has provided an opportunity to learn about the business side of the operations and develop relationships both on a professional as well as personal level. It is also rewarding for me to know that everyone who comes to work here is helping to carry on the tradition and support the mission of such a special place.”
Contact: Email Sharon Hawkins, or call askHR at 574-631-5900

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