University of Notre Dame 403(b) Retirement Plan (Voluntary savings for all employees)

Last Updated 12/20
Applies to Faculty, Exempt and Non-exempt Staff

The University of Notre Dame 403(b) Retirement Plan allows all employees – faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff, full and part-time/temporary – to make Voluntary Employee Contributions on a tax-deferred or Roth after-tax basis to a 403(b) account. You may choose to invest your contributions in any of the investment options. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your pay.

The minimum amount that you may contribute to your 403(b) Plan is $10 per month or $120 per year. The maximum voluntary amount per year that you may contribute is as follows:

Year Year Maximum Catch-up Contribution* Total Maximum
2021 $19,500 $6,500 $26,000

*If you are age 50 or older in 2021, you may contribute an additional $6,500.

These maximums assume that you are not making contributions to a retirement plan maintained by an employer other than the University during the calendar year.

For questions regarding the 403(b) Plan, please contact:

200 Grace Hall
Phone: 1-574-631-5900
Fax: 1-574-631-8263

Additional Information

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403(b) Universal Availability Notice (PDF)

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