Last Updated 06/15
Applies to Hourly Staff
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To ensure appropriate and timely pay, University policy requires that accurate records be kept and reported on hours worked by all staff employees. Several means of timekeeping are utilized by the University and individual departments determine the method most appropriate to their needs.


Electronic Timekeeping

Most hourly staff record time via UltraTime, the University’s electronic timekeeping system. Using this system time is entered by keying into a computer or by swiping an employee ID through a card reader. Supervisors must confirm hours submitted before pay checks are issued. Detailed information on this system is available at: https://controller.nd.edu/payroll-services/ultratime/

Regardless of the method used, supervisors and employees should be aware of the following when submitting hours worked or absences:

  • Supervisors must approve time submitted and any changes made after initial completion by confirming electronic submission of hours.
  • Staff members are responsible for submitting only their own hours. Punching another employee’s time card or entering another employee’s hours in UltraTime is not an acceptable practice and may be grounds for corrective action.
  • Time must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. each Monday to Payroll Services for pay checks to be prepared for distribution by the following Friday.
    Additional information on time card completion, pay dates, and payroll processes, can be obtained by visiting Payroll Service’s website or by contacting Payroll Services at (574) 631-7575.

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