Temporary Employment

Last Updated 10/20
Applies to Staff
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The Office of Human Resources assists departments in filling temporary needs based on:

  • Employee absences (vacation, leave of absence, illness)
  • Seasonal needs
  • Interim vacancies during the recruitment process

Important things to know about temporary employment:

  • Temporary employees cannot work more than 900 hours in the first year of temporary employment beginning with their hire date or then in any calendar year thereafter.
  • Temporary positions are generally non-exempt.
  • Non-exempt temporary positions must be paid on an hourly basis and overtime must be paid for any hours worked over 40 hours in a work week.

Temporary Employee Sources

  • Employment Services temporary pool.
  • External temporary employment agencies.

Requesting a Temporary Employee

The hiring manager contacts a recruiting consultant, at 631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu to request a temporary employee, identifying specific skills, qualifications, and reporting information. A recruiting consultant works with the hiring department to determine the most cost effective available source of temporary services based on the requirements of the department and coordinates the placement of a temporary employee.

Hiring Process

For a temporary employee selected from the internal pool, a criminal background check is conducted prior to the internal candidate’s start date. The Staff Personnel Action Form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall.

New hires should complete the following forms:

Many of these forms are available on the Human Resources web site. Click Here

Temporary employees are typically paid bi-weekly on an hourly basis and are required to record their hours worked in Ultratime. Paychecks are issued every other Friday via Direct Deposit. The designated payroll deadline is shown on the Office of the Controller’s Payroll Calendar.

Billing/Payment Procedures

  • All expenses incurred are the responsibility of the department utilizing the temporary employee.
  • External temporary agencies submit bills directly to the requesting department for authorization and payment.

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