Searches of University Property / Personal Belongings

Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Administrators and Staff


The University strives to provide a safe, pleasant, and secure environment for all members of the University community. In an effort to provide such an environment, it may be necessary, on occasion, to search University property such as lockers, desks, offices, computers and information stored in computers, data storage devices, and file cabinets. The University reserves the right to conduct such searches as appropriate. In most cases, the employee will be present during the search.

In cases of suspected possession of illegal or unauthorized drugs, alcoholic beverages, firearms, weapons, or stolen property, or in cases otherwise involving some risk of harm, the University reserves the right to search an employee’s personal belongings that are on University property. Such belongings might include but are not limited to articles of clothing, purses, briefcases, bags, and vehicles.

Management normally conducts searches with a third party witness present; the employee’s presence for the search depends on the reason for and nature of the search. The University will in most situations obtain employee consent prior to searching. If requested, employee consent to such a search is required as a condition of employment. Refusal to consent will result in corrective action, up to and including termination.

Management should obtain advance approval for any search from the Office of Human Resources.

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