Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Administrators and Staff
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Establishment and maintenance of a safe work environment is the shared responsibility of the University and employees at all levels. It is important that department directors and supervisors consistently enforce all rules and regulations associated with safety and be aware of any unsafe working conditions. Department directors and supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that each employee demonstrates safe working practices. Employees are responsible for following safe work practices as outlined by their supervisors and the University, as well as for reporting immediately any unsafe situation to the proper authorities. Unsafe conditions should be corrected as promptly as possible.

Supervisors should become familiar with and instruct employees on proper procedures and safe operating methods, including:

  • the potential hazards of equipment and/or chemicals they work with;
  • the hazard of the equipment or materials used or stored;
  • when and how to use personal protective equipment and machine safety guards;
  • the proper reporting procedures for injuries, accidents, hazardous conditions or other safety concerns; and
  • the assessment of the physical surroundings to ensure work with machines and chemicals can be safely performed.
  • Supervisors are also expected to ensure that employees injured on the job receive proper medical attention.

The safety professionals in the Department of Risk Management and Safety can assist in making hazard assessments of equipment and procedures, establishing safe work rules and procedures, and providing safety and health training.

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