Promotion and Transfer

Last Updated 03/13
Applies to Staff
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When position vacancies occur, hiring managers are encouraged to consider qualified employees within their department or from other campus departments for the position. So that internal employees can be aware of opportunities, express interest, and receive first consideration, open positions are posted in departments and on the Human Resources web page. These postings may occur separately or concurrently, with consideration given to the circumstances of each individual situation. Hiring departments make decisions regarding the timing and sequence of job postings based on their knowledge and prior recruitment experience.

Internal Departmental Job Posting

It is the policy of the University that departments post all job vacancies within the hiring department. This policy is intended to offer promotional opportunities to qualified employees and to use the skills and knowledge gained by such individuals through their service to the department. The time frame for departmental postings varies based on the length of time necessary to ensure all employees within the department are aware of the opening. It is the department’s responsibility to prepare and communicate this posting within the department in the manner most effective for department needs.

Campus Posting

If no qualified candidates are identified through the departmental posting, the Office of Human Resources will post the vacancy campus-wide on the Human Resources web site for internal University candidates. Positions are posted by the Office of Human Resources daily, at

Off-Campus Recruitment

The Office of Human Resources coordinates the external recruitment of applicants if a position remains unfilled after campus-wide recruitment. A Recruiting Consultant will refer qualified external applicants to the hiring department. University employees may still apply for the position during this phase of the process.


If a departmental candidate is not identified for promotion, the Office of Human Resources will post the vacancy on campus to solicit interested and qualified campus candidates and will assist the department in all aspects of the recruitment beyond campus.

Job Posting Procedures

  • To post a job, hiring managers must initiate a posting through the Employment Site.
  • Once the necessary approvals are obtained, a Recruiting Consultant will either prepare a job posting based on the information provided or review the recommended job posting as submitted by the hiring manager. In either event, Human Resources reserves the right to edit job postings to comply with University policies and procedures.
  • A Recruiting Consultant will then contact the hiring manager to discuss a recruitment strategy.

Eligibility for Promotion or Transfer

To be eligible for promotion or transfer outside the current division/college, an employee must:

  • have been in their current position for a minimum of twelve months,
  • be a regular full-time or part-time employee (not on-call or temporary),
  • be unrelated to an individual who directly supervises the open position, and
  • have not received corrective action for a period of one year.

Transfer within a division/college may follow this protocol but are not required to do so.

How to Apply

Employees eligible to apply for promotion or transfer under the criteria stated above may view job postings and apply on-line at

For those without internet access, application may be made by visiting the Office of Human Resources at 200 Grace Hall.

Reference Checks

In considering internal candidates, hiring managers are encouraged to talk with the candidate’s present and former supervisors and to review their performance evaluations and any other pertinent performance related information contained in the employee’s personnel file. The hiring manager should contact a Recruiting Consultant to review the contents of the personnel file. As a courtesy, the candidate should be notified before these steps occur.

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