Performance Reviews

Last Updated 04/18
Applies to Administrators and Staff
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Performance reviews are a critical component of performance management and are most successful when managers and supervisors clearly define job performance expectations, recognize individual accomplishments, and identify specific areas for development.

Annual Performance Review

Departments are responsible for ensuring that performance reviews are completed at least once every twelve months for administrators and staff, since performance should be a factor in the determination of pay increases. The timing of reviews may vary based on departmental needs and may be influenced by such factors as the department size and the number of employees to be reviewed.

Performance and Feedback Programs

Orientation Performance Review


The first 90 calendar days of employment serve as a formal Orientation Period for staff (non-exempt) employees. During this period the supervisor should be in regular communication with the new employee about their progress in learning and performing the position requirements. An Orientation Period Performance Review should be conducted on or about the 45th day of employment and followed by another on or about to the 80th day of the Orientation Period. Supervisors should submit these performance reviews to the Office of Human Resources. Information about this process and a copy of the form can be obtained at the following location:

Orientation Period

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